Is It A Good Idea To Cut Your Own Hair?

Today’s article comes from one of our instructors at our Orlando hair school.

We’ve had many people come to our school looking for stylish haircuts and we don’t mind this, by any means. Many people, however, have come to us in a state of panic: they tried to cut their own hair. Now, in the case of shaving the head bald, this is not a bad idea. However, for more complicated styles, it is best to go to a professional. The reasons can go on and on as to why, but let’s look at a few major ones.

Proper measurement is lost. It isn’t easy to properly cut hair when you can’t see it directly. Using mirrors to properly measure haircuts is a task that very few can master. Going to a stylist or a barber would be much better since they can properly measure hair.

Impatience. Many times, people think cutting their own hair can be done quickly and easily. If only it were so easy. People begin rushing and make many mistakes, destroying their style in the process and coming out a mess. While hair does grow back, it may take a while to fix, especially if it was very long hair. Professional hair stylists will make sure to take their time and do everything properly. Time is not the concern, but the final outcome is what counts most!

You might lose an ear! This is perhaps the most important reason to not cut your own hair. When cutting, if you accidentally miss the hair by your ear, even by a few centimeters, it can be disastrous. It could end in a trip to the hospital. Barbers and hair stylists will cut their clients’ hair with far less incident of this since they can clearly see how close the hair is and how deep they should cut. Safety is always a top priority and nobody wants an injury.

It may sound like it may be more convenient at first to cut your own hair, but if you want a good job done it is better to have someone do it for you.

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