4 Rock Stars Who Love Pink Hair Styles

Over the years pink hairstyles have become a favorite amongst rock stars. And why not? The song birds that love to energize their hair with a boost of color are young, lively and trendy. Here are some of our favorite pink hairstyles that are worn by our favorite rock stars.

Pink’s pink hair as well as her name were both inspired by her favorite color- pink. Unlike many other celebrities who like the color however, she went all out  and shocked us with hot pink head hair rather than light pink hair. Although she’s a blond nowadays we will always remember her as the energetic, larger than life, fun loving girl that she was in her early days.

Image from Pinks Page

Nicki Minaj with pink hair has been around for a little while now but it’s not the color that gets us as much as what she does with it. Nicki makes everything in her look very personal and out of the ordinary. The girl likes to dress up and stand out and we love to watch her do it.

Image from Minaj Photos

Katy Perry’s pink hair made quit a splash at the AMAs this past weekend. Not a stranger to color, this time around Katy skipped the light pink hair and opted for a more dramatic bolder version. The hair accessories that she used made the color and style look very pretty on her. Less shock value but most definitely noticeable.

Image from We Heart It

Gwen Stefani’s hair has changed many times over the years and every time it looks more glamorous and dazzling than before. When she was just starting though, Gwen sported a beautiful head of blue as well as light pink hair. While we miss the old Gwen, we’re very excited about the more modern one and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Image from She Knows

While there are others who flaunt pink hair styles, we feel that these ladies do it best.

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