5 Uses Of Toothpaste That Will Improve Your Beauty Regiment


Sure you use toothpaste to get minty fresh breath and to brighten up your smile but there are other ways that you can use it. Did you know that uses for toothpaste include several home remedies that can improve your beauty routine?

Toothpaste Acne Remedy– There are a lot of people who will swear by using toothpaste to clear up acne and get clearer skin. The trick is to make sure that you leave it on overnight so that it can work its magic. Leaving it on for just a few minutes is a waste of time and toothpaste.

Get Shiny Finger Nails– Make your nails super shiny by rubbing a touch of toothpaste on each one. For a heightened experience massage your nails gently so that the blood in your fingers gets flowing and your nails get stronger.

Alleviate Itchy Bug Bites– Mosquito bites and bee stings can be annoying and painful causing you to constantly want to scratch at your skin. However a touch of toothpaste can cool down the area so that there is less of an itchy or burning sensation.

Heal Bruises– Have some black and blue marks? Applying some toothpaste to the hurt area can make the color go down so that you will go back to your natural beautiful color sooner than later. This isn’t a quick fix and will take a few days to work but it does help quicken the process.

Chill The Burn– If you get a minor burn you can apply a little bit of toothpaste on the area to give it some relief. The keyword here is minor. If you have a severe burn get yourself to the doctor or the hospital.

The best part of all of these uses of toothpaste is that you get an inexpensive remedy that works.

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