Male Icons Of The Past

It’s only fair to discuss make icons since we’ve covered some of our favorite female beauty icons of the past. These men depict what society thought or thinks a man should be. In the past, most leading men were tall, dark and handsome. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Clarke Gable– Not only was Clarke Gable a great actor he was also a very handsome man. Known to be the ‘King of Hollywood’ he was married seven times and used is sex symbol image to seduce women, directors and the fans. He was already an icon when he made the movie ‘Gone With The Wind’ but the line ‘Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn’ catapulted him to another level.

Cary Grant– What made Cary Grant an icon were his sophistication and good looks. He appeared to be a gentlemen and a man who can get things done and is confident without being self-absorbed.  As time went on his career flew and his status as an icon became deeply planted in the hearts of movie lovers.

Elvis Presley– It all started with the hips. While millions of woman worldwide loved to watch Elvis Presley do his thing, other women ran from the intensely sexual performance. Either way, there was no doubt that Elvis Presley was a talented singer and performer as well as a good looking guy with a beautiful set of hair.

Rock Hudson– With his charming good looks and his boyish charm Rock Hudson captured the hearts of millions and became a highly sought after actor. There was something about how easy he was that made people love him instantly.

Paul Newman– The golden boy of the bunch, Paul Newman is still one of the most beloved make icons in the world. Equipped with a dark tan, piercing blue eyes and a smile that can light up the room not only did Paul Newmam take his place amongst Hollywood’s elite, he also put his face on his food packagings.

Sean Connery– Did you know that Sean Connery was bald? It’s true. Sean Connery didn’t have any hair and so had to wear a wig in his performances. After all it would be somewhat difficult for him to pull of his role as James Bond the way he was. Keeping this in mind, something tells us that a lot of women wouldn’t have cared either way. He may not have had hair but he did have a beautiful face and great skin.

Billy Dee Williams– Sexy, sophisticated, funny, talented and a star. Need we say more?

As much as we want to discuss icons such as Denzel Washington, George Clooney and Brad Pitt they’re from the new generation of male icons and that will have to be an entirely new post.

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