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Tips for Going Plum This Fall

http://firepaul.live/2019 location camion chevaux lyon re Disclaimer, This post was written by one of our instructors at The Beauty Addict as a guest blog post: Fall is right around the corner but no matter the season, I’m sure it’s important to you to always look your best. The exciting new color of choice this fall is plum and all its […]

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What We Can Learn From Redheads

http://grabasked.live personnalité riche vivant a mendham nj Being a redhead has a reputation for being difficult. People are always trying to tell you what you can’t wear (most colors other than green for example.) But red hair is also a rare trait and a thing of great beauty. If there is anything that today’s gorgeous redheaded celebrities have taught us it’s that […]

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Our Founder’s Advice to Hairdresser Horror Stories

http://gifttime.live/2019 www homes ngs ru Our own Anthony Civitano was interviewed by CBS. Anthony Civitano is our founder–NYC Hair Design Institute & Long Island Beauty School. Always ask for a license when getting you hair done. If you don’t ask it can be painful. Caution when watching this video–will make your skin cringe.

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The Perfect Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

The eyes are the window to your soul. They eyes convey love, hate, sadness, and almost every emotion under the sun.  You have a date tonight or are going to a corporate event and need to choose an eye shadow but you’re not sure which one. Why not invite lovers, potential lovers, friends, or no […]

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5 Tips For Longer, Better, Faster (Growing), Stronger Hair

Summer’s almost over and fall weather is almost upon us. Maybe this means you’re starting to think about growing out your hair for a sexy, longer style. If so, we have some tips for how to kickstart your hair growth so that you won’t get stuck waiting all winter for your style to grow in. […]

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